More About Me

Eni Koci known as well as Enny was born in Berat/Albania in 1996.
She had her first performance  at  9 years old at a National kids festival where she won the second place.
After her first experience she participated in several kids festival where she always managed to win a price
At age of 13 she released her first professional video “Shprese kerkon nga ti” , where she won the price at “Netet e klipit” as the artist with the best performance in the video, and the particular song is the one  that gave her the success and fame in Albania. In the meantime, Eni was attending her studies as well , and one fact to be mentioned is that  she started her career when she was only on the 7th grade.
One of the biggest support in her career was her sister Greta Koci, a very successful singer in Albania.  Few months after releasing her first song, Eni and Greta came with a duet called “Ne bojm dem”.
The second successful single was “Vij tek ti” released on 2010 followed by a duet “Diva” with a successful male artist from Kosovo. This song was part of an important festival “Kenga Magjike” and it became a hit.
In 2011 Eni published another duet called “So hot” with Noizy, a successful Albanian male artist followed in 2012 with another duet between them in 2012 “Je gjithcka”, the song that achieved million of views and had an online record.
2012 was a very successful year for Eni with a lot of projects while she released her first Album as well called “Love me”
Eni started the 2013 with a single “Tek ty” which was considered very successful for the respective market.
In December 2013 Eni came with “My Papi” a collaboration with a successful male artist from Latvia.
In the meantime, Eni started her shows in Albania/Kosovo/ and Europe.
In 2014 came “Motivi Im” her new video. This one different from the others, showed a more mature  Eni , better vocals and , to show to her fans that she has grown as and artist and not only, the song had a romantic concept
Coming back to her education, in 2014 Eni finished her High School in Tirana/Albania, and she decided to continue her higher education in London/England, so she did. In 2015 her priority was her education but obviously she couldn’t leave behind her career so Eni decided to release “S’jam jetime” the second collaboration with her sister, Greta Koci.This song was considered very special , because the song came with a strong message, and fans seemed to love it.
After a few months being dedicated to her studies in London, in December 2015 Eni came back with another collaboration with her sister Greta Koci, and a successful male artist from Kosovo. The song called “Me mu” became very popular and successful.
Eni decided to balance her life in London and career in her country, so she brought out  her new single for 2016 “Si dikur”, just a month after releasing the last collaboration.
6 months after, Eni released one of the most successful song for summer 2016 “Spo t’gjej mo”.
Eni started 2017 with the first song of the year, “ S’je per mu” while she is still working on her second album which will be released within a few months.